Projects Completed

1. Reatilers Association Membership - A custom business automation software package for a retailers association management with about 2000 members and millions of rebate money management
2. Motor Fuels Tracking - A working prototype for state government agencies, used to bid for the project and execute it/customize it for the specific needs of a particular state
3. IFTA/IRP Integrated Audit - An audit package prototype for state government agencies
4. IFTA Internet Filing -A custom software application based on internet filing of quarterly taxes by individual or trucking companies
5. Retail C-Store Management -A software automation using excel spreadsheets for daily reports,SIR reporting and keep the retail convenience stores in compliance with regulatory agencies.

Current projects in Progress:

1. Water Optimizer-A custom business software package for an electronic device programming and monitoring application used in Agriculture
2. CooperConnect - A custom business automation software package for Commercial Real Etate and Construction wings of the business entity
3. Telemedicine - A custom business automation software package for telemedicine management works with Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facilities