Cooper Commercial has two distinct departments of business activities. Real estate activities and construction activities. They require an integrated application that can run on desktop computers and also run part of the application on web, and mobile devices. The software should have role based login security, ability to have a windows interface and web interface to accommodate the office users and field users(staff) so that the field(construction site) information is entered and accessed real time.

The software should have the project management features to manage a construction project. The milestones, budgets, ordering material to effectively use the credit facility from material vendors, sheet metal processing labor and waiting periods etc. need to be monitored and managed in the software to increase the efficiency. More detailed requirements will be provided for a business analyst.

This system will have features to manage the real estate deals, keep up with CCIM regulations, keep track of inventory and customer history on a particular inventory item(property). Property contact information, potential buyers information will be kept track of and managed with mails and alarms to remind any scheduled milestones on a property or buyer

The program generates the customized reports necessary to manage the accounts and set statuses as per the state regulations. The system allows the members to remit payments electronically