Financial Package
The financial package offers flexible processing of accounts payable and accounts receivables. The package can be tied into other systems for seamless processing of accounts. The system will track the current balance of all accounts by account number, account type and period. The package provides for processing payments, refunds, credits, etc.

The system accepts various payment methods including EFT, credit/debit cards, checks, etc. Payments entered can be edited for corrections or reversed for bad checks.

Overpayments can be issued as refunds or transferred as credits to offset balances on other periods, account types and/or accounts.

Whenever there is an underpayment or late payment, the system will generate a billing notice. The billing notices can be automatically generated, generated manually by authorized personnel or a combination of both methods. Authorized personnel can also waive or write-off balances.

The package maintains a history by user of actions performed. User authority can be setup to determine which functions each user has access to in the system. Certain users can be setup for view only access and others can be setup with greater levels of authority to allow for processing the accounts.