The IFTA program allows taxpayers to file their quarterly tax returns online via web interface. The system allows taxpayers to file their returns directly to the state, which can eliminate or decrease data entry errors. The program calculates tax, surtax, interest and penalty amounts which eliminates human errors in calculations.

This system allows taxpayers to order credentials (Decals) online. Also, those states that issue Intrastate decals can allow the Intrastate carriers to order their decals online as well.

This system can assist the state with increasing revenue by allowing the state to focus on delinquent taxpayers and conducting audits versus focusing on calculation errors, keying returns and processing paper credential requests. The system is web based and made available to the taxpayers on a 24 hour/7 days a week basis.

The IFTA program generates the customized reports necessary to manage the accounts and set statuses as per the state regulations. This system gets updated as per IFTA agreement regulation changes. The system allows the taxpayer to remit payments electronically by bank draft, credit/debit card, etc.