Water Optimizer

Trans Global H2O LLC is a company working on an electronic device(Optimizer) to be used in agriculture to manage the water efficiently by the farmers. The devise has hardware and software components to it. The software is being developed by Software Global, Ltd. The firmware that gets programmed into the chips is developed and maintained as well as the management software to keep track of the devices in the field and manage them as per the requirements. The software is capable of remotely turning on/off the device and monitoring the location of the device. When farmers use the device, they know if the unit is on or off. The farmer would know if the unit is disconnected from the power. The software management console has the features to monitor and keep track of information received from remote optimizer, generate reports and keep track of local notes for each device and/or farmer. The software should have role based login security, ability to have a windows interface and web interface to accommodate the office users and field users(staff) so that the field(construction site) information is entered and accessed real time.

This system will have features to manage and keep track of inventory and customer history on a particular inventory item(optimizer). Farmer contact information, potential buyers information will be kept track of and managed with mails and alarms to remind any scheduled milestones on a property or buyer

The program generates the customized reports necessary to manage the accounts and set statuses as per the state regulations. The system allows the members to remit payments electronically