Motor Fuel Tracking

The Motor Fuel Tracking System is designed to assist the states with capturing Motor Fuels return and schedule information. The system allows taxpayers to file their returns directly to the state, which can eliminate or decrease data entry errors. Also, the system can assist the state with increasing revenue by allowing the state to focus on differences in information reported and delinquent taxpayers versus focusing on calculation errors and keying returns.

Larger taxpayers such as Suppliers and Terminal Operators can file their returns through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Smaller taxpayers can file their returns by logging onto the website to complete their returns and schedules. The system allows the taxpayer to remit payments electronically by bank draft, credit/debit card, etc. The forms on the website include all calculations of tax, penalty and interest. This web based system is availble to taxpayers on a 24 hour/7 days a week basis. If your state does not require all taxpayers to file by EDI or by the Web, the system offers Data Entry screens for the state to use in entering those returns filed by paper.

The tax return information in the Fuel Tracking System can be used to cross-match gallons on returns from seller to purchaser and list any differences in the information reported. These cross-match reports can assist with identifying audit leads. Also, the system offers the state the ability to setup and run queries by selecting the fields to appear on the query and the sort order of the information. In addition, detailed reports can be setup to run on any schedule.